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Books for learning life through the sports (mark: 8 and 5 out of 10)

Books for learning life through the sports Preferred lies by Andrew Greig

Accept the golf course (the life) as it is and adapt to it. I try to think I'm in full control of my life, but I'm not.
All the golf courses are inspired by St Andrews
As the humanistic Marxist from Bathgate, I think too much of how the world should be and too less of how it is.

Golf is not a game of perfect by Bob Rotella

Psycology of excellence
Consistency is the difference between understanding and applying every day and enjoying the results of applying the teachings.
Conscious dream, so bright it doesn't need to write them down. So strong it is difficult to stop pursuing them.
Winning is a matter of believing in ourselves.People become what they think about themselves.
Do not think about mechanics, but trust your swing.
Focusing on targets and preshot routine help to build trust. Thinking about mechanics does not help.
Good athletes thinking is creating your own reality: if you are on a hot streak, then you will continue because it is a special day. If you are on a bad streak, it will stop soon.
The hot streak results from trust and corresponds to the true capabilities. Trust would make a hot streak more likely.
Three stages: unconsciously imcompetent, consciously competent, unconsciously competent.
The smaller the target, the sharper the focus, the better the concentration.
The target in mind helps to avoid distractions, like mechanics. Or, if the last thing you see is an hazard like a pond, you risk to send the ball to the pond, so you have to lock the mind on the target!
The eye shift on the ball, but the third eye is still on the target.
The brain does not understand don't.
Foundation of consistenct is a preshot routine. It helps to focus on target, to relieve pressure, to be trusting and decisive. Also the mental side of the routine is necessary to be followed.
Don't let anything to impair your confidence.
Blends contradictory ideas: don't care if you miss the hole, but believe the putt will go in. Balance between determination and nonchalance
Make all putt seem straight by choosing a target such that it compensate the slope.Speed is a secondary detail.
Accept winning ugly: do not expect perfection, accept the success which comes from some bad shots.
Just play, throw away the expectations.
Be nonjudgmental, forgive an forget and be compassionate toward yourself.At least on a golf course. After, you can judge yourself harshly.
Acceptance allows to be patient, which is a necessary virtue.
Golf is not a game of justice.
To be selective about memories and thoughts help to build confidence.The inability to forget is devastating.When you are angry at bad shots, the emotions help to plant the memories in the mind.
Good shots treated as routine events are forgot.
Nervousness is a physical state, nothing wrong: it means excitement and being interested. Fear is a mental state.Courage is fear turned inside out.But nervousness produce adrenalina, too much and it is devastating.But trembling hands is just another factor to account for, a part of human condition. But the most important act is to get the mind to focus, despite the physical state.
Hit the shot you know you can hit.Feel calm, confident, decisive.
Execute decisions made in advance, out of the heat of competition.Always have a game plan.With a plan, you are free to focus on the target.
The score would be lower by forgetting about noting down every stroke and just thinking one stroke at a time.
Joy: friendship with fellows players.
Quality of the practice is more important than the quantity.Train the trusting mentality more than the mechanincs.
Find a teacher who believes in you.
A dream help the deja vu feeling when you are closer to the target, so the deja vu helps in being calm and reach the goal.
You will love golf because of what teaches you about yourself.

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