lunedì 2 dicembre 2013

Books for people in need of inspiration (mark: 8 out of 10)

Books for people in need of inspiration Give and Take by Adam Grant

[Do not read! Otherwise, you would spoil your reading]
Givers, Takers and matchers (tit for tat), Givers are both at the top and at the bottom of success ladder
Otherish givers are successful, selfless givers are losers because they burnout: their energy drains out because there is no satisfaction which recharge them, you need to enjoy what you do to recharge
Give more is an answer to the burnout, if giving more is increasing satisfaction
Givers need to be careful, they need to avoid takers.
Givers should negotiate for a friend or a family, not for themselves [chump change]: I did it actually when in venere, but I was not understood. Not only advocacy, but rational account, too. I should have said that I invested in the university. Perspective (think in the opponent shoes) generates win win
Reciprocity ring generates more giving behaviour
Sense of community
Givers are able to networking better than matchers and takers.
Responsibility gap: it is difficult to estimate the contribution of others. Perspective gap: you should always wear other people shoes.
givers: for them, every person is a diamond in the rough. Grit is fundamental in succeeding
givers: powerless communication, show vulnerability (human side) with competence, ask questions.

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