mercoledì 16 luglio 2014

Book for finding solutions, refining thinking process, using common sense (mark: 8.5 out of 10)

New Mind Map

It's Not Luck by Eliyahu M. Goldratt

Many times we perceive the value of a product based on the cost plus the margin, while the people buy according to the perceived value of the benefits deriving from having that product. That's why prices decline even if the demand is greater than the offer.

Striving for local optima leads to a lack of innovative ideas. Because managers spend too much time looking to achieve local optima.
Segmenting the market is the way to go to answer the different perception of value.

Current Reality Tree
Future Reality Tree

  • identify conflicts
  • find the root causes
  • identify the injections which trim the negative tree

Prerequisite Tree:

  • obstacles
  • intermediate objectives
  • then sorting them in parallel and sequential ones

There are always one or two core problems, you identify them through a current reality tree, then you use the cloud of the thinking process

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